Kinetic Safar e-auto

Kinetic Safar e-auto launched in India. The Kinetic Safar is a fully batter operated rickshaw. Automobile market has seen auto rickshaws from many of the manufacturers. Wisely, this time it is an electric rickshaw. The meter console displays the battery charge as to indicate how long more the rickshaw will run. The display also carries a speedometer. 

Kinetic Safar e-auto Speed

Kinetic Safar e-auto can take a maximum speed up to 25 kms per hour. The e-auto has a seating capacity of 5 passengers including the driver.

Kinetic Safar e-auto Price

Kinetic Safar e-auto Front
Kinetic Safar e-auto Front

The price Rs. 1.38 lakh is the ex-showroom price including an Exide branded battery.

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has approved the vehicle and certified that it follows all the safety norms as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR).

Kinetic Safar Battery

Kinetic has a tie up with Exide for the lead acid battery system. The agreement also includes warranty, service and recycling of the battery across India.

Kinetic Safar Sales

Kinetic Safar has already got a huge order of 27,000 e-autos from the UP government. It is a huge order of 400 crores. And Kinetic has already delivered 300 Safars to the UP government. The company claims that it is the largest institutional electric vehicle order received ever.

The Kinetic Safar is manufactured in Maharashtra at Kinetic Green’s facility. This plant has a capacity of 4000 units per month. The company has future plans to build high speed e-rickshaws. The high speed e-auto Soleckshaw will come in near future. The company also has plans to build Lithium ion batteries.

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