Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Features

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is meant only for off riders. So, own a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport only if you love adventures and can handle tougher ways on driver seat. Along with adventure auto sport features, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport offers the best in class comfort and convenience for long distance drive even on high ways. So, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable happy journey with you family. 

The powerful engine and smooth gearing system with a flexible clutch pedal gives you a convenience driving experience. The strong brake system offers you the best control over your adventure trips and high way drives in the best secured way. The security you feel in high in Pajero Sport.

The advanced infotainment system gives you all entertainments you need while your long trips either with family or friends. The four wheel drive option will make you a hero among your friends in tough off road situations.

The safety features include air bags, ABS, fog lamps for misty roads, easily visible turn indicators, etc.

Wooden finish on central console and door panels gives you a luxury feeling. The cup holders and enough number of storage spaces offers stress free travel experience. You have separate spaces for keeping bottles, magazines, sun glass, etc.

The best in class turning radius helps you in congested drive conditions. The navigator helps in you reaching unknown or unfamiliar destinations easily even if you are alone. The control buttons on steering wheel gives you easy access to your favorite tracks. Thus, on the whole, you must test drive  Pajero Sport before finalizing to buy its competitor. Else, you might regret later.


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